The Caravan Orchestra was founded in the summer of 2017, as an exchange project between Yiddish Summer Weimar (Germany) and the Department of Music of the University of Haifa (Israel), in cooperation with the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar (Germany).

Every year, the Orchestra invites 28 young musicians from Israel and Germany to apply for a 2-3 week residency in Haifa and Weimar, with an intensive rehearsal period and concerts in both countries, as well as fun social activities, workshops and excursions.

The orchestra is co-led by musical directors Ilya Shneyveys (Riga/Berlin/New York) and Jeryes Murkus Ballan (Nazareth/Haifa). Both are specialists respectively in the fields of European Jewish and Arab music. It is the synthesis of those cultures that makes the sound of the Caravan Orchestra so unique. While having clear differences in the repertoire and style, Ashkenazic Jewish (Yiddish) and Arab music share some forms, tonal material and, most importantly, a performance philosophy with similar approach to improvisation, ornamentation, modality and many other concepts that we discover again each time!

If you are a musician and you would like to apply to join the orchestra, please click here for current information about the application process. If you want to know where you can hear and see the band, please click here. If you are a presenter and would like to book the orchestra, please contact project manager Andreas Schmitges at the Other Music Academy e.V.: andreas.schmitges@othermusicacademy.eu or by phone/WhatsApp: +49 177 6017686