Caravan Application

Welcome to the Caravan Orchestra and Choir!

While the official deadline for applications is over, we are still looking for young musicians living in Germany (completely independently of their nationality!)

Die Deadline zur Anmeldung ist vorbei. Wir suchen aber immer noch Teilnehmende aus Deutschland. (Eure Nationalität spielt keine Rolle, Ihr müsst nur Euren Lebensmittelpunkt in Deutschland haben.)

Please send an email to project manager Andreas if you are interested:

The 2021 Caravan Orchestra and Choir will take place from July 25 to August 8 (dates are approximate; stay tuned for updates). All rehearsals and concerts will take place outside (in pavilions or on open air stages) and in conformance with COVID regulations. This year’s Caravan will take place only in Weimar and Thuringia, as travelling to Haifa will not be possible due to the pandemic. The following concerts have been scheduled, changes are always possible:

Thursday, Aug 5th, Eisenach, Wandelhalle, open-air stage
Friday, Aug 6th, Weimar, open-air stage, DNT Sommerbühne
Saturday, Aug 7th, Erfurt, BUGA (Bundesgartenschau), open-air stage
Sunday, Aug 8th, Leizpig, Markplatz, open-air stage

While we will sing in many languages, English will be the main language of communication.

There is an age limit of 26 years for participants, so you should be born after August 9th, 1994. However, if you are older than that, please apply anyway and we’ll try to make your participation possible somehow.

We strongly encourage you to get vaccinated before coming to Weimar. While this is not a requirement, non-vaccinated individuals may be required to take COVID tests on a regular basis.